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Track Your Nadra Card Application and Pakistan Passport Tracking Online With Nadra For Overseas

Nadra For Overseas is an online service provider working as an external agent providing Track Your Nadra Card and Pakistan Passport services to its clients since 2023.

We are a platform that helps all the Pakistanis living abroad to deal with all Nadra services without any worries.

Once you’ve contact us and started taking our services, you can track the status of your card. Your card and passport application goes through various stages before reaching you. Each stage takes a particular amount of time and the Track Your Nadra Card Services help you know in which stage your application or card is.

You Can Use The Nadra For Overseas Tracking Service for the Following:

  • Nadra Application Tracking
  • Nadra Card Tracking
  • Nicop Tracking
  • Pakistan Passports Tracking

The Tracking Status Shown on the Website:

While being processed, your Nadra card application can be between any of the following statuses:

  • Submitted
  • Approved and sent for printing
  • Dispatched
  • Deferred
  • Awaiting documents

What Does Each Status of Nadra For Overseas Tracking Mean?

  • Submitted mean that your card or passport application is submitted to the Nadra Head Office.
  • Approved and sent for printing means that all the submitted Nadra Card Application is approved and the card is sent for printing as per the given information.
  • Dispatched means that your Nadra Cars is printed and sent to be delivered to you.
  • Deferred means that there is some objection from NADRA head office or more documents are needed.
  • Awaiting documents means that the applicant has not yet provided some required documents

Simple Steps To Track Nadra Card:

For your Nadra Application Tracking, Nadra For Overseas Tracking, Nicop Tracking or Pakistani passport tracking, you simply have to visit our website

On the top right of our website’s home page, you can see a green icon “Track Your Application”.

Once you click that, it will need an email id or a tracking id. You can use the email id used for Nadra Application, or you can use the Tracking id provided by agent at Nadra For Overseas

Once you enter the required email Id or tracking id, you will find the status of your Nadra Card Online.

Why is Nadra For Overseas Tracking, Nadra Application Tracking, Nicop Tracking and Pakistan Passports Tracking so Important?

You might get your card even if you don’t Track Nadra Card. But there could be issues and delays too!

You do not need to panic though!

By keeping a Track Your Nadra Card, you can stay atop of any possible issue. Once you’ve submitted the documents, you can see the status as submitted. If in case, there is a need of more documents, you can see that while tracking and submit the required documents without wasting time thus getting your card made within the required time.

“Thus it is always keep a Track Nadra Card, Nicop Card and Pakistan Passports that you’ve Applied for!”


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