Nicop Cancellation


Nicop Cancellation

NICOP Cancellation means the termination of one’s ID card. Usually, NICOP Cancellation is applied in case of the death of a citizen, but there could be other reasons too.

With Nadra For Overseas, Cancellation of NICOP is Available Online:

Cancellation of NICOP Card Due to Death:

Cancellation of NICOP due to the death of a Pakistani Citizen /Ex-Pakistani may be applied in this category by the immediate family members (parent/sibling/children/spouse).

Nicop Cancellation Due to Surrender of Pakistani Nationality:

A Citizen of Pakistan who has formally renounced/surrendered Pakistani nationality by acquiring the nationality of a foreign country or acquired nationality of a foreign country (having a valid foreign) that doesn’t permit dual nationality can apply for cancellation under this category.

The motto of Nadra For Overseas is to provide ease and convenience to all the customers and for a task as this little as this, we will not let you go through any nuisance. Thus, we offer you Nadra Modification Online!

Why Choose Nadra For Overseas for NICOP Cancellation?

Nadra For Overseas provides premium services to Pakistanis residing abroad. With Nadra For Overseas, you are flexible. You can contact us Online around the clock. Nadra Card Centre has trained staff who assist you in processing your NICOP Cancellation application. You must provide the required documents and complete all other paperwork with our trained agents. Nadra For Overseas facilitates all its customers and ensures they don’t have to visit the Nadra for Overseas office or the consulate. When needed, the fingerprint forms are also posted to the clients along with the inkpad for convenience.

Valuable Points:

  • With Nadra For Overseas, the concept is to provide as much convenience and ease to the applicant as possible Because you understand how difficult and tiring it is to apply for Nadra services at the Embassy!
  • With Nadra For Overseas, you don’t need to pick up your card as we deliver it right to your doorstep!
  • If you like to get your work done easily and conveniently, Nadra For Overseas is your one-stop for all Nadra Services! Apply Online now to Cancel your Application with us.

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