Fingerprint Form Submission

The Form Must Be:

  • In Block Letters : Ensure all information is written using black ink.
  • Use Black ink pad to take fingerprint impressions.
  • Enter data within the boundaries of the designated field or block.
  • Complete all required fields (if a required field is left blank, the fingerprint form may be immediately rejected without further processing.)
  • Scanned at High Resolution : The form must be scanned at 600dpi in greyscale.

Fingerprint Form Guidelines

  • Do not roll the finger for taking fingerprints.
  • Do not use highlighters on fingerprint form.
  • Do not enter data or labels within ‘Leave Blank’ areas.

Left Tilted

Right Tilted


Photograph Capturing and Uploading Guidelines

  • Photograph must be taken professionally against a white background with dimensions not less than 350 x 467
  • Photograph must not be older than 6-months.
  • Photograph must be taken while looking straight in the camera with sharp focus
  • Photograph must be of high quality with no ink marks or creases
  • Black and white photographs are not accepted. Make sure that photograph is taken with appropriate brightness and contrast
  • Eyes must be clear in the photograph with no hair across the eyes
  • Photograph must be taken without glasses and cap
  • Photograph must be original that has not been altered in any way.

Our Terms and Conditions:

  • Once the application has started, card fees are non-refundable.
  • We can advise on card processing and the delivery time as per NADRA, but we are not responsible if they take longer. The time mentioned on their website is the minimum time it takes to process the application. It may take longer than that.
  • Processing time applies after the fingerprints have been submitted.
  • Essential supporting documents, as specified by NADRA, have to be submitted. However, in some cases, more documentation is required. The client is responsible for providing that.
  • We are not responsible for the deferral or rejection of the application.
  • This is a Pakistani Service operating from Pakistan. It’s not at par with British Service.
  • Nadra checks your (and your family’s) record in their database. They sometimes require more documents for verification checks based on that.
  • We are not responsible for any travel arrangements made before obtaining your card.

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