Fingerprint Form Submission

The Form Must Be:

  • In Block Letters : Ensure all information is written using black ink.
  • Use Black ink pad to take fingerprint impressions.
  • Enter data within the boundaries of the designated field or block.
  • Complete all required fields (if a required field is left blank, the fingerprint form may be immediately rejected without further processing.)
  • Scanned at High Resolution : The form must be scanned at 600dpi in greyscale.

Fingerprint Form Guidelines

  • Do not roll the finger for taking fingerprints.
  • Do not use highlighters on fingerprint form.
  • Do not enter data or labels within ‘Leave Blank’ areas.

Left Tilted

Right Tilted


Photograph Capturing and Uploading Guidelines

  • Photograph must be taken professionally against a white background with dimensions not less than 350 x 467
  • Photograph must not be older than 6-months.
  • Photograph must be taken while looking straight in the camera with sharp focus
  • Photograph must be of high quality with no ink marks or creases
  • Black and white photographs are not accepted. Make sure that photograph is taken with appropriate brightness and contrast
  • Eyes must be clear in the photograph with no hair across the eyes
  • Photograph must be taken without glasses and cap
  • Photograph must be original that has not been altered in any way.

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